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Welcome to each of YOU who joins us on this incredible journey!! Together, we’ll share history and the wonderful buffalo stories that never grow old, that are told over and over, around campfires, in classrooms and at family gatherings!

Our Mission is to change the buffalo story from its sad ending in the 1870s slaughter—to include the full heroic narrative of the magnificent buffalo, ordinary people Native and non-Native, saving them from extinction, caring for them and now all of us enjoying our amazing National Mammal on ranches, parks and tribal lands.

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Buffalo Traces—’Path of the Buffalo,’ Part 2

BEDFORD Oct 18, 2017—The Buffalo Trace Working Group with the Hoosier National Forest received the 2017 Indiana History Outstanding Event and Project Award from the Indiana Historical Society. The group was recognized as instrumental in uncovering the history of the Buffalo Trace and mapping its route through southern Indiana.

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July 22, 2021. TNC Tallgrass Prairie Preserve Webacst Bison Auction, OK

September 23, 2021. Custer State Park Buffalo Roundup & Arts Festival. SD.

September 25, 2021. BisonFest, TX.

October 17, 2021. Wisconsin Bison Producers Association Fall Conference. For more information: http://www.wibison.com/events.iml

November 6, 2021. Custer State Park Annual Auction. SD.

November 8, 2021. Antelope Island State Park Production Auction – UT

November 15, 2021. TNC Tallgrass Prairie Preserve Fall Bison Auction, OK.

November 26, 2021. Minnesota Bison Association’s Bison Fundamentals Workshop. Are you thinking about raising bison? Do you have questions? Do you want to hear from experienced ranchers? Join the MnBA for this free class! For more information: https://mnbison.org/events/

November 27, 2021. Minnesota Bison Association’s Legends of the Fall Bison Auction. MN.

December 4, 2021. Kansas Buffalo Association Annual Sale. Join us at the Salina Farmers and Ranchers Livestock Commission for our 30th Annual Fall Buffalo Auction on December 5th. The sale barn is located at 1500 Old U.S. 40, Salina, KS. For more information: https://www.kansasbuffalo.org/annual-sale.cfm

December 4, 2021. Western Bison Association Wild West Buffalo Stampede Show and Sale – UT

December 7, 2021. Northern Range Buffalo Simulcast Auction – SD

January 1, 2022. Prairie Legends Bison Auction – TBD

January 8, 2022. Turner Bison Exchange Prairie Performance Bison Auction – SD

January 19-22, 2022. National Bison Association Winter Conference. CO.

February 12, 2022. Dakota Dynamite Buffalo Sale – SD

February 19, 2022. Dakota Territory Bison Association Auction – SD

March 4, 2022. RMBA’s Spring Conference. Location TBD.

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