Education has always been a key component of the Mammoth Site of Hot Springs’ mission.

To that end, the “Mammoth-in-a-Trunk” kits were created to bring the science of The Mammoth Site to schools across the country, at an affordable cost.

Each “Mammoth-in-a-Trunk” kit contained materials for a class that taught concepts of varying complexity, from erosion and fossilization to what paleontologists can learn from a prehistoric animal’s teeth.

Following this tradition, the “Bison-in-a-Box” kit will contain materials to teach students of all ages about bison, an animal that traces its origins to the Pleistocene.

The kits will not only contain educational materials about the fossil history of bison, but also their importance in a modern context.

Bison-in-a-Box will give students a chance to explore what makes a bison a bison, the relationship between bison and cattle, and what the fossils of bison can tell us about the Pleistocene environment.

As with the educational kits we currently offer, these will be offered to schools at no cost to them, other than return shipping.

We are asking the members of the NBA in helping us in creating the Bison-in-a-Box kits.

We are currently in need of 10 Bison Horns (Horn Core and Horn Sheath) they don’t have to be large. This will give students throughout the country the opportunity to touch and hold an actual bison horn.

You can either ship them to The Mammoth Site or simply drop them off at our booth at The Winter Conference next month. Seth Vandenberg, our Science Educator will be sharing the prototype of the Bison-in-a-Box at the conference.

Thank you for your consideration in helping us with these new educational kits.


Presston R. Gabel, MBA
COO/Business Manager
The Mammoth Site of Hot Springs, SD
(Posted Dec 16, 2021 by National Bison Association )       

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