Midwest Buffalo Company and New Beginnings Ranch are pre-selling breeding rights to our White Buffalo Bull “OUTLAW.” We are also taking deposits, in order received and in advance, of Outlaw’s white buffalo calves. If you want a great chance at a white buffalo baby, a spiritual awakening for many and financial booster for your operation for sure, make your reservation now.

To book your buffalo cow for our breeding option with Outlaw—contact us for details.

Midwest Buffalo Company and New Beginnings Ranch are pre-selling breeding rights to their White Buffalo Bull “OUTLAW.”

Outlaw, our White Buffalo Bull, came to us from the fantastic Comstock Family of Mudd Creek Farm and we are excited to have him bring such joy to our tours, spiritual awakening for our local and nearby Native Americans, and boost our business in so many ways.

Book your animals now in order to not miss out. Our bloodlines have produced an amazing white buffalo in the past and soon again with Outlaw our White Buffalo Bull—the next one could be yours. However, you must book your animals in advance.

Our herd has been developed and improved from the best bloodlines available. Our foundation animals came from Custer State Park, Romanik Ranch, National Bison Association Gold Trophy Show & Sale and Sprik Farms. We have continued to add and improve our blood lines through our semen tested bulls from Custer State Park, and improved our genetic diversity by constantly up scaling the quality of our herd through the addition of new blood lines from Ken-Mar Buffalo Ranch, Cook Bison, along with the retention of our own top heifers for breeding and herd expansion.

Calves available November/December. All animals are fully wormed and vaccinated and available for transport. Each animal has a colored numeric dangle tag identifying the year born and unique animal ID along with a RFID tag for easy recognition. We can provide hauling services as well. All animals are located on our main breeding ranch in Cheboygan, Michigan. Contact Kevin MacRitchie 313-580-6776; 313-580-6776, kevinmacritchie@gmail.com. Michigan Bison Association Trading Post. https://www.michiganbisonassociation.org/index.php/the-trading-post.

Francie M Berg

Author of the Buffalo Tales &Trails blog

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