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Welcome to each of YOU who joins us on this incredible journey!! Our mission is to help you who have a soft spot for buffalo come to know and love them—our country’s National Mammal!

You can help change the way we see the terrible buffalo slaughter. I want us to view that as only part of the greater, more heroic story, which it is—the Native American intermingling of their culture with the buffalo, the rescue of calves and how the great herds we see now were miraculously saved!

Everything you ever wanted to know about buffalo or bison! You who are Teachers and Students of history, Native American youth and Traditionalists, as well as Parents, Grandparents, Buffalo Ranchers and Bison Experts. And if you live on far distant shores—we bring you virtual buffalo tours to delight and enlighten from your armchair!

We love having YOU aboard!! And subscriptions are FREE. Together, we’ll share the wonderful buffalo stories that never grow old, that are told over and over, around campfires, classrooms and family gatherings . . . .

Wood Bison Versus Plains Buffalo

Wood Bison are the largest land mammal in North America. Adult males stand 6 feet tall at the shoulder and measure 10 feet long.  This is about one-third larger than the Plains Buffalo. The Wood Buffalo are also considerably heavier. Parks Canada maintains a bison...

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Harvey Wallbanger, racing buffalo

Wallbanger, a formidable sprinting buffalo seen on racetracks of the 1980’s and ‘90s across America, Canada and Mexico, here ridden to a win by his owner and trainer Collin ‘TC’ Thorstenson.[/caption]

Harvey was an orphan buffalo who thought he was a horse, according to his owner, trainer and jockey Collin ‘TC’ Thorstenson and many fascinated spectators who watched him race.

Thorstenson said he was raised on a Sioux Indian reservation in the hills of North Dakota, was always fond of animals and trained small pets as a youngster.

He drove coal trucks in Wyoming and became a jockey and trainer.

Harvey’s story began in 1980 when his mother was shot by a poacher.

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Low-Stress Buffalo Handling

We’ve reported stories to you in this space about the early days of hard-riding buffalo wranglers running half-wild buffalo. Some amusing. Some tragic.

Often, they rounded-up and stampeded buffalo into makeshift corrals and loaded them into boxcars in some of the roughest ways possible, even dragging them at the end of several ropes.

At the time, it seemed to men who were used to working cattle like the only way to get the job done was to run the buffalo hard, and stay ahead of them.

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Part II. American Serengeti—Let’s take Another Look

In our BLOG of June 23, 2020, we published “American Serengeti—What is going on in Montana?,” which discusses the enormous wildlife project that is shaking the foundations of community development and progress in Phillips County, Montana, and Malta, its county seat, and nearby communities.
The American Prairie Reserve—APR, or simply the Prairie Reserve–on the upper Missouri River is a plan to develop a huge grazing unit—the largest nature reserve in the continental United States.

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  • Traditional storytellers believe that old stories are best told in the native language and to listeners who understand their culture. They say an amusing story is “not as funny” in English. Much of the spirit, humor and excitement gets lost in translation. Often the venerable grandmother with a twinkle in her eye entertained with hilarious tales about coyote tricksters and other mischief. The following story may have been told just for fun with its twists, turns and surprises, for a giggling circle of attentive children Many years ago all the animals lived in peace. No one ate anyone else. All … Read More

  • The buffalo provided everything the Kiowas ever needed. Their tipis were made of buffalo hides, stitched together with sinew. So were their clothes and tough moccasins. They ate dried buffalo meat and pemmican all through the year. Containers in which they kept food and provisions were made of hide, bladders and stomachs. Even more important, the buffalo sustained the Kiowa culture, their spirituality and religion. When possible, a white buffalo calf must be sacrificed in the sun dance. The priests and medicine men used parts of the buffalo to make their prayers when they healed people or when they sang … Read More

News Articles

  • GTSS, NBA Winter Conference Rescheduled to Rapid City

    Meeting in special session in October, the National Bison Association Board of Directors approved committee recommendations to reschedule both the Gold Trophy Show & Sale, and the association’s Winter Conference until February 19 – 20, 2021. Both events to be held in conjunction with the Dakota Territory Buffalo Association’s annual … Read More

  • Virtual Bison Learning Webinar replaces NBA Summer Conference

    The National Bison Association kicked off its inaugural webinar series—in lieu of its postponed 2020 Summer Conference—and now has all three sessions ready for review, free to members only.

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